Inspired by Ken Iverson’s paper “Notation as a Tool of Thought”, this podcast explores various aspects of notation, in the context of the APL programming language.

Richard YouTube is the media manager and an APL instructor at Dyalog Ltd, has taught APL at multiple schools, and created an online self-study course.

Adám YouTube is head of language design at Dyalog Ltd, launched the APL Orchard chat room and the APLcart code phrase search, and is the co-author of the APL Cultivations book.

Both are regular presenters at various APL events, and recurring panellists on the Array Cast podcast.

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6 October 2022

Indexing in APL vs Yorick


The indexing notation and broadcasting rules of the Yorick programming language based on a tweet by Jeremy Howard, and conclude that the two approaches achieve the same thing; one by manipulating data shape until broadcasting achieves desired result, the other by applying additional broadcasting rules on the existing shapes.

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tags: language-comparison, indexing